Tribal Consultation Policy

Pursuant to RCW 43.376, the 1989 Centennial Accord, and the 1999 Millennium Agreement, the Redistricting Commission adopted the following Tribal consultation policy on April 12, 2021.

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The 2021 Redistricting Commission is committed to respectful and effective communication with Tribal governments on redistricting matters.

This Tribal consultation policy is intended to provide a consistent and equitable standard for the Redistricting Commission to consult and work with the 29 Federally Recognized Tribes in Washington State.

Consultation means respectful, constructive communication in a cooperative process that respects the Government-to-Government relationship but is not a guarantee of agreement on outcomes. By implementing these principles of consultation, the Redistricting Commission hopes to better understand and respect the sovereign rights and interests of the 29 Federally Recognized Tribes as they impact redistricting matters.

Government-to-Government consultation with the 29 Federally Recognized Tribes will occur independent of any public participation process, but representatives of Tribal governments and Tribal members have equal access to the Commission’s public participation processes as well.

Meeting requests or requests for consultation with the 29 Federally Recognized Tribes may be initiated by the Redistricting Commission or by a Tribe. The Executive Director has been designated as the Redistricting Commission Tribal Liaison and is charged with the overall coordination of consultation with 29 Federally Recognized Tribes.

Questions, comments, or issues pertaining to the actions, management, or operations of the Redistricting Commission should be first directed to the Executive Director. Depending on the nature of the issue under consideration, consultation may be appropriately held between the Executive Director or designated Commissioners and the recognized governing body of the Tribe or their designee.

The Redistricting Commission will make every effort to reply to Tribal requests for consultation in a timely manner and will be receptive to all requests from Tribal governments or their designee for consultation on issues within the Redistricting Commission’s authority.

The Redistricting Commission’s consultation with 29 Federally Recognized Tribes may also be subject to Open Public Meeting Act and Public Records Act requirements.

Redistricting Commission Tribal Liaison
Lisa C. McLean,, (360) 524-4390