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Thousands of Washingtonians engaged in the redistricting process by testifying at public meetings, sharing public comments, and submitting community maps.

Between public commentary at 17 public outreach meetings and 22 business meetings, more than 400 state residents delivered live public testimony about maps or about the Commission’s processes. Commissioners received more than 2,750 comments on their draft maps or on the old maps, and more than 3,000 sent an email, commented through the website form, mailed a letter, or left a voicemail. Finally, utilizing a mapping tool made available to the public on the Commission’s website, 1,300 maps were created, of which 12 were formally submitted as third-party maps.

Public comments were submitted in every language, and translation services were available at all public meetings. All submitted public comments and submitted maps are available to download below. You can also file a public records request with the Elections Division of the Office of the Secretary of State.

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All Public Comments & Summarized Notes
Zip Package of PDF and excel files
Outreach Meeting Recordings on TVW

The 2021 Commission has finished its work.

If you wish to file a public records request, Washington law (Chapter 42.56 RCW) requires that identifiable public records be made available promptly to members of the public for inspection and copying upon request. Since the 2021-22 Redistricting Commission has ceased to exist, please contact the Secretary of State Elections Office for assistance.

Contact the Secretary of State Elections Office